Nerdura Games

Build your tekka and dominate the battlefield in this 2-6 players robot skirmish game!

What's a tekka?

A tekka is a Tantalium Enhanced Kinetic Killer Armor. Build your mecha unit and give it a pilot using simple rules.

How do I play?

You print two A4 sheets of game component and some player sheets. Gather a bunch of d6s and you're good to go.


It's a hex grid arena. You can use any hex grid map, if you want. Sixteen obstacles are placed on the battlefield, some of which are explosive.


Customizing your tekka

Distribute your tekka's attribute points, then pick a Omega special move and a Pilot trait to gain advantages in combat.

Game flow

You play the game in turns, all against all or in teams. You must manage your Ready dice, which are your tekka's energy, to perform the actions it is capable of. The dice used go on the matching attribute bar then in the Cooldown box, and sometimes in the Locked box. At the beginning of one's turn, the dice bubble up one box.


You keep track of the used Ready dice by placing them on the attribute bar that corresponds to the used action. The blackened letters indicate the attribute scores, which represent the limit of Ready dice that can be used per turn to perform the corresponding action.

In the example above, the tekka attacked an adjacent target using 3 dice with MELEE, inflicting 2 damage because MELEE attacks hit with a result of 3 or more.

Between turns

The used dice move from the attribute bars to the Cooldown box, and sometimes in the Locked box. It's better to keep some Ready dice to roll GUARD between turns, as the dice will be Ready again at the beginning of your next turn.

Attributes and Actions

MELEE is the ability to fight in close combat.
SNIPE is the firepower.
GUARD is the ability to defend against damage.
SPEED is the movement of the tekka.
BOOST is the jumping ability of the tekka.
OMEGA is the power of the special move.


Game after game you'll increase your tekka's attributes, Dice pool (starting Ready dice) and MP (its hits points), and you'll have the oppurtunity to pick a second Omega special move and a second Pilot trait.

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